Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the trip east.

we visited the twin cities this weekend in honor of my sister's graduation from graduate school. she's an amazing gal. we spent time with friends and family. here and there. here are a few of my favorite snippets of what we did.
oh yes.
floating. digging.
blood bananas.


  1. wowie! lovely photos... looks like you had a beautiful time.

  2. Very nice, I grew up in Minnesota. I used to be a gallery guard at the Walker Art Center. Where did you go when you were there?

  3. yay graduation time! my sis in law is graduating this weekend woohoo!

    lovely pics :)

  4. thanks for the sweet comments loves.

    krissy! LOVE to you!

    kara, really?? i went to undergrad in minnesota and spent a LOT of time at the Walker? we spent most of our time in st. paul on this trip since my sis just graduated from st. thomas. hung out at the chatterbox a bit.

    elena-lu, yay!!! thank you!

    cindy, thank you so much! big hugs!

  5. Hi Kelly, yep really :) I went to MCAD for a semester thru a high school program, then I moved to Chicago to go to the Art Insitute. Is you sis in law going to stay in MN?

  6. oh woops I meant your sister, I was glancing at elena-lu's post

  7. oooh! fabulous! she is presently looking for a permanent job nationwide, though she has work at st. thomas through the summer.


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