Wednesday, April 15, 2009

what's what.

right now, i'm...
this *might* be my favorite
pinks and light.
framed in light.
the walk home
in love with linoleum (printmaking is in my blood).
checking out soul pancake (and this fantastic interview of rainn wilson on oprah radio).
digging fashion & painting projects for a dear portland friend.
revisiting the resolutions i made for 2009 (i must report that i need to get myself going on the bass guitar goal).
out of spectra film for now. (but switching over to my land-camera and my endless supply of pull-apart film for now. love it. fuji instant film is *much* higher quality than polaroid, i think.)
i'm out.


  1. right now, i'm loving those flowers!

  2. right now, im loving your photography! :)

  3. i'm loving the shout-out to the dear portland friend...and the inspiration from this beautiful blog of yours...must visit daily.


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