Wednesday, April 22, 2009

there's so much goodness happening right now.

{photo by Ruben, aka Rubonix; post-processing by me.}

happy happy earth day, dear-hearts! you know it fills me with great happiness knowing that so many souls are focused on the health and well-being of our planet on this day (my other career is in environmental law, for those of you not yet in-the-know). earth-consciousness has certainly grown this year from where it was last year. this is so good. i hope it is more than just a passing fad and folks take this seriously from now on (please?).

take a moment, if you will, and tell me how you are celebrating earth day! {we will be eating a vegan feast by candle-light, sending out some positive vibes and powering down tonight.}

also, if you have taken steps to green your business, let us know in the comments! {i use recycled paper and vellum exclusively in my studio and have for the past year. i upcycle and re-use packaging whenever possible.}

what good things are you doing for the environment at home? are you carpooling? bussing? walking? biking? composting? tell me, dear friends. {we are looking to dig up our driveway to replace it with something that allows for groundwater infiltration, presently. we compost. we recycle. we bike & walk. you know all about it, so i'll keep this from sounding "soap-boxy."}

what are your favorite green businesses? {right now i'm LOVING Nimli, Stewart + Brown, Olio United, just to name a few.}

*** Feel the green, right down to your heart. Green is associated with the heart (anahata) chakra, by the by.

In other lovely news...

* Kelly Rae Roberts (who is now living in our Emerald City of Seattle) has lots of lovely offerings that would be perfect for Mother's Day. Check her shop out right here. It is chock-full of positivity.

* Mrs. French is hosting an amazing Stewart + Brown giveaway on her blog, Bliss. Go here for details.

* My sweet & talented friend Jess Gonacha is now offering necklaces in her shop. LOVE them! Buy one or two or three.

* Some of my favorite artists & designers are participating in a wonderful cause by donating their art to an online auction for Carolyn's Compassionate Children. You can bid on these items here. {Don't miss pieces by Jen Ramos, Marisa Haedike, Jess Gonacha, & more.}

*EPA {finally} published findings confirming what the scientific community has been saying for years, our greenhouse gas emissions "endanger the public health and welfare of current and future generations." A-men. Here's to speedy promulgation of regs on point.

With that bit of good news, I send you off with peace. & LOVE. always.


  1. Happy Earth Day! I love coming by your space. It's so happy and positive here!

    We're celebrating Earth Day by going vegan for a week. For me it's really easy. I eat vegan 90% of the time. My husband however is vegetarian and he's already struggling. I'm hoping to show him this week so easy (and helpful to the planet) it is!

  2. I spent the night drinking wine and eating pie by candlelight warmed by fireplace at a re-enactment of a nineteenth century tavern on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. We were entertained by song, guitar, old-fashioned games, local folklore and history at The Kearny House (nearly 250 years old) under the cliffs of the Palisades. It was a wonderful Earth Day, a beautiful everyday.
    Blessed Be.

  3. Rachel, *) thanks for stopping by dear-heart! we should definitely trade vegan notes about our husbands... mine LOVES cheese, and i am always trying to find good cheese fakes! much love.

    miss mary mack, that sounds DELIGHTFUL! much love to you! and thanks so much for visiting!

  4. I like your site. The picture in the header is beautiful.


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