Wednesday, April 8, 2009


i have a confession: i've been saving my polaroid spectra film-- not shooting perfectly good film-- for the past few weeks, because i do not want to run out. this is ridiculous, isn't it? well, i had a little incident with one of my spectras (it exposed an entire package of film one day when i dared to use the timer) and have since adopted such a miserly approach to using the other spectra that i've just stopped shooting at all. so silly. today, that changes. i'm cultivating abundance with my polaroid film. who knows, maybe someone has a stockpile in their junk room and they'll see this and send it to me. stranger things have happened, right?

here's to abundance, dears.

peace. & LOVE. always.

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  1. aww i wish i did! i'd send it to you!!!!


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