Monday, March 23, 2009

inspiration tuesday: twilight.

dears, i've been lured into the Twilight frenzy. we hosted out-of-town guests all last week who wanted to take a trip out to Forks, Washington, where the books take place. not wanting to embark on such an adventure without preparing properly, i decided to read the book. i could not put it down. i peeled through the pages of the second book, New Moon, and need to make a trip to the bookstore to pick up the third & fourth. it's that addictive. i wish we could have a Twilight book-club. {there probably is one online, but i'd rather chat about them with all of you over tea in person!}

the olympic peninsula was eerily beautiful. here are a few of the images i captured on our trip that have been inspiring me in the studio this week.

what's inspiring you these week, loves?
p.s. {for more Twilight-inspired shots from the road, visit this photoset on flickr.}


  1. awesome! i would totally lend you the 3rd and 4th books, but alas, they are out on rental now :) It's such a guilty pleasure series... lovely photos my dear.

  2. your beautiful photos are inspiring me right now!

  3. I'm a huge fan of the books (and the movie!), and absolutely love your photos. They are so dark and moody. Brilliant!

  4. we hosted a twilight release party for the movie at work on Friday. it was prom themed so we all dressed up in prom dresses. it was fun!

  5. thanks so much for the sweet comments, dears!

    krissy, TOTAL guilty pleasure... LOVE them. XO to you!

    cindy, thank you so so much!

    PJ, i can't wait to see the movie! thanks for the lovely note!

    betty!!! that sounds SO MUCH FUN!

  6. lovely photography!
    i must admit i enjoy the books but not so much the movie (i know im like the only one!) but what do i know?
    im inspired this week by doodling, yeah ok i doodle all the time i know but since i started to post my doodles on flickr and people have been commenting i feel like doing more and more and more and let me tell you -thats a good feeling :)


  7. wonderful photos! i LOVE your travel posts! :)

  8. wow, kelly, these are gorgeous! i especially love that one with the greenish light- i'm so impressed that you took these photos. they're mesmerizing. :)

  9. These are such lovely shots! I too broke down and saw the movie this christmas, then had to read the book and then had to read new moon and you know what happens next. I've read all four books three times now. I'm so jealous, I would love to have a weekend trip to forks. It's beautiful.

  10. thank you all so much for the sweet comments. the readers of this blog are my inspiration!!!

    elena lu, *) i love your doodles.... and you're not the first person i've heard say the movie wasn't their fave! XO

    aimee, thank you so much! i LOVE to travel.

    jess, thank you so much!!!! *)

    morgan, i CANNOT wait to dive into book 3, though i know i need to pace myself, since it is as though i'm on vacation while reading... too busy to make dinner! *)


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