Friday, February 20, 2009

pounced! Jennifer Morris Photo.

darlings, does it seem like i've been a bit obsessed with photography lately?! well, i thought so! i've pounced another great photographer on Etsy: Jennifer Morris. the lush colors and vignettes Jennifer creates with her work are like peeking into another world...a world i'd like to spend a few hours in every single day! her work makes me smile, and we could all use a bit of art that inspires a warm inner glow, i think.

{wee village, by Jennifer Morris}

{so delicate by Jennifer Morris.}

Visit Jennifer Morris Photography's Etsy shop here.
Jennifer sells beautiful beads & jewelry here.
Check out Jennifer's online photo collection at her flickr site here.


  1. This is soooo fantastic! I love Jennifer's photography and her jewelry is just as amazing! Such a talent! Thanks so much for sharing, Kelly!! Love your blog!

  2. I agree with hergypsysoul :~)

  3. Thanks for stopping by lovelies!! Jennifer is a treasure, I think!!

  4. thank you sweet kelly,
    for such a beeautiful post!
    i'm so happy.


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