Tuesday, February 24, 2009

all love. all joy.

i must say that the last few weeks have been like a true breath of fresh, prana-filled air after a stint at the bottom of murky pond. over the last bit, i've been unsure of what to write here and uncertain of this blog's future. hence, the quietness. however, i rode out that wave with a smile in my heart. such is life. so here we are again with a new batch of inspiring souls on flickr. do check out the lovely work of these artists by clicking the links.

joy in all.
love in all.

when I'm 64, by asleeponasunbeam; 2. Fae, by lucidrose; 3. My Spring Wreath, by Jamie Laney; and 4. Untitled, by Rufina Ip.}


  1. oh kelly, i'm glad you're back and as inspired as ever. it's so good to come here and feel your radiant energy. :)

  2. *))) thanks to you both! such sweet sweet notes from lovely ladies!

  3. i've tried to post comments these past few days and didn't succeed. i hope today it works. I just wanted to let you know that I'm glad to see you back.... riding big waves :)

  4. I love those spring wreaths - totally brilliant! I have been having problems posting on blogs where the comment box is at the bottom like this - not when it's on the side - think there is a different comment setting.


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