Monday, December 15, 2008

big sun. big moon.


this weekend,
wild winds and fierce rains couldn't keep me from my bike. {a bike ride that leaves your cheeks red and wet with rain and life is the way to travel.}
the biggest full moon of the year hid under a pile of fast-moving clouds that left us with the most lovely surprise...snow! {shyla is in heaven.}
the fat sun we've seen since the storm reflects so wonderfully, creating a little nook of joy in the living room. {i could stare at our "tree" for hours on end listening to enya.}
the orchid bloomed again. {and so another year has passed.}


  1. uplifting as always... i come here for a daily dose of happiness! :)

  2. *) oh aimee! thanks as always for your kind words! you are such a sweet, sweet heart!

    (and to answer your question from last week, the wood in that photo was not my floor, but the top of my big Mongolian chest in the living room.)

  3. oh, such a lovely remembrance (beautiful shyla) and appreciation. we bundled up to go outside and see the full moon so big! then, once inside, looked out the window and there it was ;).

  4. i saw the full moon that night, too, as i was driving home, and it was amazing! i'm so glad you enjoyed it, too. :)

  5. I saw the moon. It was awesome, even through little cluds and some rain. Very spiritual too.

  6. We can look at the same thing and see different things. My father is in heaven. And so is Shyla.


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