Tuesday, December 2, 2008

big love to tuesday.

powder room.

dears, i just finished my final critique in drawing. we critiqued final projects-- mine was the mudra project. it was so much fun, and it was a lot of work. i created ten drawings: five of actual mudras (some of which are featured below, in yesterday's post) and five of the mudras in context (i.e., attached to a body and depicting energetic properties of the mudra as well). i'll post pix later, but for now, i simply must tell you of happy things.

1. eggnog lattes. {i just had my first. super yummy.}
2. my newest art acquisition. {it's an ode to the golden girls. i love it. the artist ellen "elloh" lohse is just the bees knees, in my opinion.}
3. bk & i are keeping on our early morning workout schedule. {he kicks my butt when it comes to sit ups.}
4. cuddling shyla {my dogger} at least 18 minutes a day boosts immunity in addition to making us both supremely happy.
5. enya's holiday album. {magic.}


  1. oh i love your lists. you are too cute, dearie! :)

  2. what fun! i can't wait to see your drawings!

  3. What a fabulous, FABULOUS list. I love it here!

  4. 6. your lovely blog : )

    makes me so very very happy! I can't wait to see your drawings either.


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