Wednesday, November 12, 2008

scenes from a wedding.

darlings, i have been dying to share some tid-bits of goodness from my weekend visit from my family-in-law. they traveled to the northwest for my bril's (brother-in-law) wedding, and we hosted a houseful for a few days in the emerald city. fun. pure fun. it was a hootenanny from start to finish. here are a few highlights.

this way.

Elliot Bay.

rainy thursday.


two if by sea.

lulu & the octopus.


i love my family-in-law.

to see more photos from this weekend, visit this flickr photo set.


  1. could you possibly love life any more? you look like the happiest person on the planet... just seeing you enjoy yourself in whatever you're doing is so uplifting! thanks for sharing photos of such a wonderful event!

  2. You were probably a wonderful host!

  3. great photos! It looks like such a blast :)

  4. kelly! how I have MISSED your blog and reading about your take on life - you have such a unique style, aesthetic & writing, and I am so inspired by you.

    sorry for the mushiness, but I have really missed you my dear, and now I am off to get my fill of LOVES whales!

  5. what fun you're always having! i totally agree with aimee-- you must be the happiest person alive! i want lessons from you. :)

  6. oh darlings, your comments are the sweetest. thank you!

    lady miss r, welcome back!!! i've missed you too!!!xoxoxoxo

  7. I am so glad you had a wonderful time...I love the photos of you laughing, they make me laugh too...


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