Monday, October 13, 2008

pounced. Spin Spin Handmade.

Darlings, I've pounced something fabulous yet again: check out the gorgeousness that is Spin Spin Handmade. Spin Spin Handmade has a range of screenprinted teatowels and elephant plushies made out of screenprinted fabric. In addition to being absolutely cute & lovely, Spin Spin Handmade strives to be kind to the earth-- they use natural products as much as possible and all inks used are water based and eco-friendly.

pounced! spin spin.

{I absolutely love the Enka Tea Towel & Prudence Pins Elephant.}

Spin Spin Handmade on Etsy. Check it out right here.
Spin Spin website. Check it out here.
The Spin Spin Blog. Check it out here.
Spin Spin on Flickr. Check it out here.


  1. Agreed. The elephant is adorable, as is the fabric they used to make it. Very cool find.

  2. I love your pounces...I must take the time to pounce again...xo


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