Monday, October 20, 2008

hello monday.

and hello darlings.


this weekend, i...

danced around like a crazy-lady just to make my husband laugh.

big laughs.

conspired, planned, woke up early, and succeeded in securing phish tickets to a show that sold out in seven minutes.
rode my bike all over town.
had the delightful opportunity to attend a photography workshop with a local teacher.

liquid sunshine.

finally got a full night of sleep. {bk couldn't even wake me up to tell me that someone won the million dollar prize on wheel of fortune saturday night. yes. i just wrote that and each crazy part of it is the absolute truth.}

nap: postlude.

ate a delicious burrito at my neighborhood burrito stop.
how about you?


  1. what a wonderful weekend! i love the photo of you dancing in the park!

  2. your weekend sounds great! congratulations on getting those phish tickets and the workshop sounds wonderful.

  3. hooray for the Phish tix! You'll have so much fun! Love your weekend pics :)

  4. you are adorable...

    and i'm jealous of your burrito time... :)

  5. Oh man, I haven't been to the Cha Cha in ages. I miss Capitol Hill.

  6. oh darlings, you are so sweet! thank you!!

  7. adorable photo of you dancing in the park!
    lovely stuff


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