Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i really do love whales.

dears, i am free from the least for today. today has been a swirlwind of paint and ideas, and i am in love with that. during my hiatus from the internet, i received the most perfect care package from one of my dear {& totally fabulous}friends. erin sent me the most darling day planner made by sarah pinto.

Planner by Sarah Pinto

this is the best kind of planner for me: there is plenty of space to write both appointments and to-dos, it is made with sustainable materials like soy ink & recycled paper, and ... the whales are darling!!
and isn't sarah's square business card adorable? check out her website right here.
i'm so blessed. thanks for thinking of me, dear erin!


  1. I want one...I really do...lucky gal to have such a sweet and generous friend. Where should me meet for tea my friend?

  2. swirlwind! OH! i am going to remember that word.

    you know what? i always perk up when i visit your blog. i can just feel the positive energy coming through in your words every single post :)

  3. it IS perfect for you! i love love love that journal. i got a goodie package in the mail from erin today, too-- i'll have to post about it!!

  4. ohh, I love that planner! I am a huge day planner junkie, I have so many : )

    I love the word "swirlwind." Your posts always make me so very very happy!

  5. *) you are all such sweets!!!
    happy thursday!

  6. I know you love the whales, but I do too!

  7. yes .... i've been in a swirlwind too! .... whew ... glad you are back and painting ... e


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