Friday, August 22, 2008

le week in review.

dreams and memories

dears, this week has been a glorious whirlwind. {except for the part when some weird lady was in my backyard "looking for a plastic bag," ahem... casing my house, but i'm trying to forget about that.}

shyla-bear is on the mend.
lots and lots of bike-riding and yoga.
we have delightful neighbors who look out for us.
brian and i ate delicious dishes to celebrate our good fortune of finding each other.

loving right now

oooh! and we are going to see sound tribe this weekend.

love to you all.


  1. ew, someone your back yard? creepy. love the pics of your art supplies and work in progress! happy weekend! :)

  2. i meant IN your back yard. i annoy myself so much when i publish an incomplete comment! (and i'm having a VERY type A day) :)

  3. crazy lady!!! Lovely pictures- have a splendid weekend Kelly!

  4. I miss sitting on the hills at the Lockes and then getting Taco Time. Do you go to either?

  5. thanks for the sweet sweet comments loves! i love my neighborhood: crazy ladies an all!!!

    greg, i've been to the locks, but haven't been to taco time in AGES...probably since i was in law school, though i used to eat TONS of the crispy tacos! we have a taco del mar near my house, so i'm always running down there for a vegan burrito!!

  6. Your self portrait is just stunningly pretty!
    I'm glad to hear all is well on your front (sorry to hear about the lady at the back...yard)

  7. kelly, you are such delight! and that top photo is awesome. sounds like your weekend was exceptional!! :)


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