Friday, August 29, 2008

the best things.

these colors

dears, this week was full of the kind of things i like best:

early morning walks to the lake with my man and my pup.
lots of yoga.
big ideas.
inspiring challenges at work-work.
new knowledge on raising the capacity factor of wind energy.
the light.
recipes from the veganomican.
dessert from my sweet neighbor.

what did you like best about this week?


  1. One of the best parts of my week has been reading your happy blog :)

  2. Long Runs.
    New Playlists.
    The Lack of Energy-Delivery Infrastructure.
    Sempra and liquified natural gas.

  3. coffee brewing, an evening of wine and chocolate, drawing, new micron pens, an hour to myself.

    what is a veganomican?

    happy weekend dear kelly :)

  4. i love that photo. the colors and textures are just gorgeous! 3 things from this week: gardening, reading, and resting.

  5. Chai Lattes, quiet time with out kids and play time with my kids!
    Come over to my blog for a giveaway!!!


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