Tuesday, July 22, 2008

that's so graphic.

dears, i have been working away lately on so many projects. this is the time of year when ideas seem to sprint into my brain at all hours of the day. i see a whole series of paintings just as i'm drifting into sleep. a new shape will creep into my brain while i'm dodging cars on my bike. you catch my drift, right. it's a wonderful time of year. i'm planning to release a bunch of new work in the shop in the next few weeks, and i cannot wait!

in addition to the paint-draw-print work, i've been playing with graphic design lately. i created some new business cards for myself that i just love and had them printed at overnight prints. fabulous.

new bizzy cards

AND and and, my mama is opening Stitches, her yarn and fabric shoppe, this autumn, and i've put together some materials for her shop. i LOVE it. playing with type and graphics is what i do to relax. what i do when i have free time. because i love it so much and have gotten so much positive feedback, i'm planning to offer a few design-related items to my shop: avatar and banner designs as well as business card and postcard design and printing. in the next few weeks, i'll be listing the first round of personalized product lines. i cannot wait!!



  1. Love the new card :) It's so cheery!

  2. gorgeous business card. VERY graphic indeed. isn't it odd how those great new ideas sprout right at bedtime? sometimes they keep me awake well into the night...

  3. Those are pretty awsesome cards they are now offering 500 for free at freebusinesscardbailout.com


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