Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i'm still standing.

i look like a crazy woman. 97/365.

life looks like this.
mr. loves whales has some sort of poison oak-ish ailment.
i'm teaching every day this week.
work-work has reached a critical point of busyness.
i've been creating continuity in my work & life. it feels good.
this vegan life rocks. thanks to the veganomican.
my neighborhood is as crazy as ever.


  1. Smokin' pic!! Hope the hubby gets over the ailment soon!

  2. You look amazing in that photo!

  3. ooh, i will HAVE to check out that cookbook! and yes HOT HOT HOT indeed!!!!

  4. Sorry you husband is all icky...however, you look wonderful! Yoga and veganism does a body good!

    Oh and please be safe in that neighborhood of yours....

  5. thanks loves! you are such sweeties!


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