Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the relentless rain.

this is a lunch.


how i dislike being crabby, i do so try to avoid it.

the rain, though, the cold and relentless rain is driving me a bit mad.


here is my plan:

1. make some tea (english breakfast with milk, sugar & cardamom);

2. sit;

3. breathe;

4. move into a few sun salutations


5. smile.

(i will let you know how it goes. meanwhile, i have a few new prints in the shop for you to enjoy.)


  1. raining here too girlie.
    actually it is pouring.

    how areyou and how was that

  2. kelly! so lovely to read your note. things are good-- wonderful yoga class i just had. how are YOU, dear?

    mrs. french... awwwww... thanks. hugs to you!!

  3. sounds like a good plan to get rid of those rain blues!! cute blog!!!!

  4. Those steps are the perfect ones to go through that rainy mood. I hope you get over it soon :)


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