Monday, June 23, 2008


Last week, I read this meme over at (into) the Fray and thought it would be fun to integrate into my anniversary post. I'm straying a bit from the format, but what-evs.

Ten years ago, I was...

relishing my last two days of being a teenager. Working at Waldsee, one of the Concordia Language Villages in northern Minnesota. Growing out my hair after having spent a winter with a shaved head. Gearing up for a semester abroad in Germany.

10 years ago, i...

One year ago, I was...

just getting used to the idea of having a blog. Still not sure what I thought about Seattle, though thrilled to be back in the Northwest. Studying for the Washington Bar exam.

Over this past year, I have...

painted hundreds of paintings. BLOGGED! Learned about web design, graphic design, and typography. Begun to make my creative dreams come true. Started the search for my artistic voice. Set up my Etsy shop and sold pieces to wonderful buyers. Registered my BUSINESS. Figured out how to do my taxes now that I have a business. Set up a trunkt portfolio. Taken two art classes. Pushed myself artistically. Had an illustration published in a cutting-edge magazine. Shown my work at a cafe. Given back to my local community by teaching free yoga classes and volunteering at the Neighborhood Legal Clinic. Made amazing new friends for whom I am SO GRATEFUL. Organized my goals. Taught countless yoga classes to amazing students. Meditated every single day. Given up mindless spending.

This weekend, I...

rode my bike down the big hill and taught a yoga workshop to an amazing group of runners. Rode my bike back up the hill. Rode my bike down a different, even longer hill to check out the Fremont Solstice Fair with my darling husband. Experienced a wave of skateboarders bombing down the hill as I rode back up. Ate well. Slept fantastically. Bought an amazing new cookbook, the veganomican. Worked in the garden.

seventy-six/ 365. friday. june. 20. 2008.

On my to-do list to-day...

ride bike down to 5focus for a photo shoot. Clean up the studio. Begin packing list for Mexico trip. Practice yoga and plan for week's classes. Water the garden and plants.

Snacks I enjoy well are...

fresh, young coconut. Cashews. Veggies and hummus.

sunday breakfast number one

If I were a billionaire, I would...

pay off our law school loans. Travel. Buy a house on the central coast of Oregon. Save to send my kiddos to school. Give away to several non-profits that focus on environmental protection and helping the homeless.

If I moved, I might check out...

Portland (we lived there before. we'll live there again.). Vancouver, B.C. Samara, Costa Rica. Kapa'a, Kauai.

In the next year, I'd like to...

venture into veganism. Bike everywhere. Design my website. Make woodcut and linocut prints. Expand my art-business to include wholesale and licensing gigs. Get featured on high-trafficked blogs. Have more illustrations published. Start selling at art and craft fairs. Have work accepted to a group show. Keep painting. Book more commissioned pieces. Hit and surpass 200 sales on Etsy. Keep teaching my fast-filling yoga classes with inspiration! Travel to South America. Worry less about the financial end of things. All with a smile on my face and love in my heart.


  1. Ahhh, I think we're twins. Everything. :)

    And you lived in Portland? Jealousy. :)

  2. I am glad you chose to stray...I learned so much about you and I like you even more than before (I can't believe that's possible!). I am anxious to see how this next year turns out for you...

  3. Erin, TOTALLY. we are. twins, that is. Portland was my home after college until after law school. i love it there. it is my home home. we'll be there in time to have kids!

    Mrs. French, you are such a dear-heart!! thank you!

  4. This is such a great anniversary post! I love it all. Can't wait to see what the next year brings :)

  5. i love that photo of you in the green dress with all the blues and greens around you. delightful.


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