Friday, May 2, 2008

this calls for some pineapple juice!

darlings, before i sign off for the weekend (i'm taking a much-needed break from my 'puter), i simply must share with you the icing on the cake of awesomeness that is this week:

paper + wire hooplah

that's right: i'm in the inaugural issue of paper + wire. my little illustration, "the unicorn's portrait," gets a full page of her own. can you believe it?? you might remember this particular illustration from such appearances as illustration friday & right over this post on the blog's banner. it will probably make its way to my shop, as a print.

paper + wire is available electronically right now, and it will be available on cd in the near future in cities like portland and dallas. the print version should be available for purchase after may 15th at blurb. (i will certainly let you know, dears.)

with that, i wish you all a lovely weekend.




  1. Firs off, love being called "darling." Anyway, what a wonderful finish to your already wonderful week! Your unicorn is perfect, I can see why it got its very own page.

  2. Really nice job Kelly! That's a sweet photo of you too. Unicorns 4-Eva!

  3. Congrats! Looks like an interesting magazine. I'll check it in blurb then.

  4. Mrs. French, Thank you!! You are such a dear!

    Herbs, Thanks my sweet! I really really hope we can hang out sometime soon! What's the dealio with you ever making a trek up north?

    Esti, Thanks!!


    Wowza. You are all over the place these days, my dear Kelly! :)

  6. oh congrats! how exciting! that little guy is adorable!

  7. erin, thanks!! things all sort of came together about the same time.... trippy.

    my love for you, thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment!


  8. AAAGH! CONGRATS! That's so awesome. ANd what asweet, sweet illustration. You are on fire! Can't wait to check out the mag in more depth. :)


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