Monday, May 5, 2008

pounced! Wendy Presseisen's altered ego.

seriously. can you even handle the wonderfulness of this print by Wendy Presseisen?

what drew me to this piece was a bit o' nostalgia: i used to wear this brown v-neck sweater that featured a pair of squirrels hoarding golf balls that had the words "golf nut" embroidered across the front. where did that go? i have no idea, but who cares when i can look at this little gem!

visit wendy's main website right here and wendy's other etsy shop (featuring her gorgeous folk-art pieces) right here.


  1. the pounce is good!
    you are really finding some
    fun things. i use pounce all
    the time.

  2. thanks, kelly! i LOVE to pounce!


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