Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pounced! Sarasvatidd

I pounced on the completely unique creations of Sarasvati the other day and simply had to share her work with you.

About her shop, Sarasvati writes "This shop hosts some lovingly made ecologial and healthy reiki attuned dolls. Their Chakras are sweet and clear and full of rainbow magic! i am committed to making these dollies with all natural, ecological, and recycled materials. They are are sturdy and well made with attention to detail and should last a lifetime.these dolls are full of good, loving shakti and are designed to become a child's (or adult's!) best friend."

Check these out:

All-Natural Aspiring for Infinity Bhakti Yogini Elf.

Rosy Rabbit Rag Doll Bolo Hare.

Visit Sarasvati's shop by clicking right here.

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