Monday, May 12, 2008

Pounced! Amanda Shepherd.

Dears, you know I have babies on the brain since loads of my friends are expecting or have wee-ones right now; thus, I have been on the lookout for kid-appropriate, utterly gorgeous artwork to give as gifts. Serendipitously, on a recent pouncing trip, I happened upon the beautiful, warmth of Amanda Shepherd's work.
Queenie the Circus Elephant is exactly the type of gorgeousness I am talking about! This is the kind of piece that you could hang in the nursery for baby and pretty much leave it there until your baby moves away to college or you simply must move it to the sitting room, because you love it so much. This is the kind of piece that would work anywhere. (I obviously love it.)

In addition to creating gorgeous fine-art pieces, Amanda illustrates children's books. Check out Fiona Loves the Night, Rules of the Wild & Such a Silly Baby! Amanda is offering a painting from Such a Silly Baby for sale in her shop. Check it out, Baby Quick Draw. Such cuteness!

Click right here for a link to Amanda Shepherd's Shop.

Click right here for a link to her website.

P.S. Remember when we Pounced the beautiful ceramics of May Luk a few weeks ago? Well, I was reading decor8 the other day and was so happy to see May featured there. How awesome is that?!


  1. So sweet. I checked out her etsy shop and I think the altoids tin is may favorite. Actually, I think this sweet elephant is pretty perfect too.

  2. mrs. french, i love the altoids tin, too! super lovely.

    esti, thanks darling!!


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