Tuesday, April 29, 2008

pounced! Wanderingemini Photography.

Pounced! I'm so happy to have found Wanderingemini Photography. TOTALLY cool photography.

Wanderingemini Photography features the work of Sue Mardirosian, an artist and Tarot reader based in beautiful southern Vermont. Sue spent many years in NYC soaking up the diversity and cultures of the city, and now she's gorging herself on the natural world!

About her work, Sue writes "Digital photography changed my life--I'll never go back to old-school SLRs. I love the crispness and instantaneous gratification that digital provides. The photos are so vibrant, it's like stepping into another world! The possibilities with computer manipulation are endless, too."

{a pair of my favorites from wanderingemini: huts and stem.}

Visit Wanderingemini Photography's shop right here.

Look at her portfolio on flickr right here.

Read all about Sue's adventures in art on her blog by clicking right here.

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