Friday, April 11, 2008

Pounced! Catch & Release Design.

I'm totally excited to be POUNCING a local gal today. Nicole Stanton is the talent behind Catch & Release Design. She just opened a shop on Etsy featuring her fabulous cards and sketchbooks. And when I say sketchbooks, I mean like super-turbo-dynamite-out/of/this/world sketchbooks. Seriously, forget everything you know about sketchbooks and look at these.
As Nicole describes them,
The cover is a screen printed record with multiple prints. The inside is a blank sketch book containing trace, graph and drawing paper with random screen printed pages from cookbooks, coloring books, old 80's dress patterns and other materials scattered in between.
They are rad.
In addition to the Etsy shop, catch up with Catch & Release on the website, the blog and around Seattle at Nancy & I Heart Rummage.

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