Monday, March 3, 2008

Wochenende highlights.

Hello, dears. I have been busy busy busy! So many good things are happening around here. First, we watched The Darjeeling Limited, and I am still in love with anything Wes Anderson creates. LOVED it.

And, we watched Frida. LOVED it.
We rode our bikes down to Madison Park for some yum-licious food, and then struggled to push ourselves back up the hills once it was time to go home. I checked out some new books from the library: a few Indian cookbooks and a painter's workshop book. Cool stuff.
Now, it's back to work. I have been working on some pretty psychedelic stuff, so keep your eyes open.
Peace, kids.


  1. Even though I felt like Frida couldn't begin to capture the obvious tumult of her life, I thought it was a great rendering in & of itself.

    I still need to see 'Darjeeling.' I *love* Wes Anderson's work so I'll be shocked if I don't dig it.

  2. Ambika, definitely-- well said about Frida. I was really impressed with the acting. You MUST see Darjeeling!!


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