Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sometimes I feel so happy.

Happy Thursday. I had some great dreams last night. I even dreamt that I was telling my husband about a dream I had that night-- it was like re-living the dream while I was still in it. The details will either scare or bore you, depending on your threshold for dream-talk, so I'll cut to the best part: my dog could talk. She had the sweetest voice, too! Can you even stand it?

I'm teaching two classes today, so painting might not happen, but know that I am making some serious progress on the piece I showed you yesterday and on the other two new ones I started on ... what was it... Monday.

In other news, check out this gorgeous blog Pintame el Dia (Paint my day) and tell me it doesn't make you feel like a brand coat of paint---props to anyone who gets that reference to my favorite boy-band, The Avett Brothers. This gal is amazingly talented and perceptive.
Later, dudes.


  1. "Sometimes I feel so happy
    sometimes I feel so sad
    sometimes I feel just about anything
    mostly you just make me mad"

    This I sing to my daughters when I put them to bed.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Thanks for being so suportive, for this fantastic link. I truly appreciate it.

    Let me tell you, you have a great blog. I've been enjoying it a lot. I love what you write, the pictures (the top one with the dog is stunningly happy), and the sense of good taste and freedom I get from the whole blog.

    "I'll be watching you"

  2. yes! that is the song!

    thanks for your sweet comments & your support!



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