Monday, March 31, 2008

my space.

g'day dears. and welcome to my studio. my space. this is where i make art, meditate and practice yoga. i also use this space to brainstorm, keep the books and pet my dog.

This is my inspiration clothesline. I hang all sorts of goodies from this piece of line: sketches and paintings I have been working on lately, pages torn from my favorite magazines, my business license, collages, and art I dig. This changes all the time. Sometimes it is filled with the work of others, sometimes it is where I park ideas so I can free-up mental space for other projects without forgetting what I wanted to do next. It's a good thing.

This is the space above my desk. I keep one of my favorite pieces framed here and stick other things up that I like sort of randomly. The chakra calendar makes me smile and helps ground my work.
This is where a lot of my work takes place. I bought this desk at ikea, and must say it is just perfect for me. There is plenty of space for me to spread out on the table top, and lots of space to stash magazines and supplies underneath. I love looking at this space-- there are so many things happening and it makes me so happy to see them.

This is my alter. I just cleaned up my space and got all of these icons and pictures off the floor and onto a wonderful old t.v. table. I use this space for my yoga and meditation practice as well, and I like the energy it brings to the art (and vice versa).

Thanks for stopping by, dears.


  1. i love it
    i love it
    i love it.
    [voice sounding like mary
    katherine gallagher]


  2. thanks to you both!

    kelly, thanks for the AWESOME comment! YOU are the supastar!


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