Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Equinox assignment: plant the seeds of intention.

The spring (vernal) equinox is here. I listened to this wonderful interview on Theatre of the Mind Podcast the other day and must pass it along to you both for the overall insights about Spring as the *real* new year as well as the wonderful vernal equinox meditation shared by Barbara Hand Clow.

I mentioned the Persian New Year celebration of
Nowruz the other day, and the more I think about it, it truly makes sense that the new year would come in spring. Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth (I'm thinking way beyond the Christian context here, but it definitely applies), awakening after the long, dark, sleepy winter (much like savasana-corpse pose- in yoga), where we have been preparing for our re-incarnation in spring so to speak.

The meditation suggested by Barbara Hand Clow is a real gem, it's all about manifesting your intentions for the new year.

What are your big three intentions for this year? I'm going to love big, live on my art and give the yoga away.

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