Thursday, February 14, 2008

Illustration Friday: Choose.

It was fun for me to come back to watercolors for this week's Illustration Friday submission. My beloved copy of Meditations from the Mat, day 29 on perseverance inspired this piece.

In his musings on a spiritual practice grounded in right action, Rolf Gates talks about how each right action "infuses us with the energy and the ability to take the next right action. Thus, the initial decision to choose right action is the one that takes the most concentration and perseverence.
Namaste, my dears!


  1. Love the message, and the illustration is so fun and whimsy!

  2. aw! love illustration friday! I wish there were enough time in the day...there are so many things I want to try out! I love this drawing of yours...watercolors are fabulous. Thanks so much for saying hi over at my blog! You made me smile :)

    Happy Friday!

    xoxo ~shells


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