Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The week for moi.

Dears, Here is my week:

1. Teach 6 yoga classes,

2. Work on my portfolio,

3. Work (a little bit) at my desk job,

4. Try not to get too worked up about all of the crazy-exciting stuff that is happening,

5. Hang out with friends on Friday night,

6. Learn as much as I can about graphic design,

7. Rinse & repeat.

Cool, right?


  1. Good gracious. I take a little break from the computer and you get all BUSY! Jeez! (heehee.)

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! So sweet of you...

    Things have been going a little too fast over here...I'm hoping they slow down soon.


  2. I know! Can you stand it?! Things are a bit wild over here, but in a good way! I hope your wildness is good too!


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