Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SHock of the century.

Well, team, I have some ridiculously shocking news to share with you:
I, Kelly "tell me again what the quadratic equation is actually used for" Connor, actually LIKE MATH! And, I am actually getting the answers right! What a bonus.

The backstory:
On the beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon that preceded the snowstorm that hit Seattle yesterday, my Mister and I walked to our local library to find some math tutorial books. I checked out four books on algebra, geometry and trigonometry and set right to work on the algebra book. The lovely thing about learning math on one's own is that you can work right through the chapters if you are feeling the flow or you can call it a day after a few minutes if the mood just hasn't struck. The book I'm using is wonderful. It includes marvelous examples throughout the chapter and gobs of practice questions just to make sure you have the concept before moving on to the next. Were all of my math books like this? Anyhow, what I like about math is that if you approach it like a little puzzle to solve, it is totally fun! If only I had known this 15 years ago when I was struggling through proofs in my high school math class.

In light of all of the math that is happening in my brain, I am penciling in the math test for next Friday. The next step is preparing my portfolio. Of course I will keep you in the loop on that front, dears.

Until later!


  1. I want to read the back story on the back story! Why ever did you two decide you'd like to learn math?

  2. Heather! Hi! Hope you are doing really well.

    The back-backstory is that I have decided to go back to design school for graphic design and illustration, and since it has been 12 years since I took college math, I have to test out of math or take more classes! The phone conversation I had with admissions was funny: I think they thought I was much younger and had taken college math within the last 3 year-- yea right!


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