Thursday, January 24, 2008

The path of least resistance. Svadhisthana.


I finally have something fun to share with you. If you have been reading for awhile, you might remember that I have been working on chakra art for the last nine months or so. And I have occasionally written about the chakras and subtle energy body. Although I have had sporadic bright spots in my work on the chakras (pieces I liked on their own), I struggled to find my voice or angle on presenting the spectrum of major chakras of which there are seven. So, I would ocassionally create a chakra piece that I liked, but I never felt like the idea could carry through to seven separate, yet unified pieces.

A few weeks ago, while working on my illustration friday assignment, I scribbled out the first trappings of what I really wanted to convey in taking on this subject (one that has been studied by so many before me). What I sought to achieve with this series was the movement associated with the chakras. Instead of memorializing them in a heavy and static nature (which I DO find quite enchanting), I wanted to capture the dynamic fluidity of our subtle body of energy. Ultimately, the piece will consist of all of the major chakras, which I have yet to finish. I wanted to share this bit with you as it happened, though.

I'll be back soon. I have a hilarious story from my class last night involving one of my favorite topics: typography.

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