Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not for the portfolio. Just for me.

I had a little realization the other day: aside from the pink powder room, the first floor of our house isn't very *fun*. I mean, I LOVE the architechture, the furniture, the crystals and (of course) the buddha, but it feels a little stuffy to me. Especially when you compare it to upstairs, where we have technicolor walls, lucite mixed with mango-wood, and a crazy fun mix of artwork ranging from Alex Grey to Chris Weber to some of my more whimsical pieces. So, I decided to start making some fun pieces that are just for us to go in the sitting room downstairs. Here is a little portrait of a pygmy right whale. He's pen & ink on acrylic on cardboard.


Much LOVE & Gratitude for reading! I'd love to hear what *you* think. {p.s. I'm now moderating all comments because we have had too many spammers dropping porn-bombs on us. booooo!}