Monday, December 31, 2007

out with the old, in with the new.


On the eve of a new year, I am taking a bit of time to think about all we've done, seen, eaten and smelled in 2OO7 and all I hope to do in 2OO8. Honestly, I think this blog did much to achieve the goals I set for myself in 2OO7. The blog itself was a 2OO7 goal, along with the etsy shop and getting my yoga career transplanted to a new city. So, before moving on to the new "to-dos" of 2OO8, let's take a minute to CELEBRATE all we accomplished in the past twelve months, already!!

Alright, great work. Now, onto next year. Here are some of my big goals:

1. Have an art show!

2. Get in on this punk rock flea market that we have here in Seattle.

3. Start posting yoga podcasts on my new yoga blog, samadhi RUSH. Don't worry: the yoga is too much a part of me to depart from this blog altogether, but samadhi RUSH will present more cohesive musings on yoga as well as sequences and ideas for readers' home practice.

4. Enroll in a graphic design & illustration program. You read correctly: I'm going back to school to make all of my creative dreams come true.

5. Plan our trip to South America.

Those are just the highlights. I'll keep you posted on my progress.



  1. Kelly...ohmigosh. You would look fab decked out in the latest punk rock fashion. Call me for some hand-me-downs. heehee.

  2. A yoga podcast? I'll definitely have to listen!

  3. Bethany- you are too much! i'll come over and raid your closet for some goodies when i'm next in town!! Happy New Year!

    Heather-- YES! I'm working on the technology and hope to have some classes up within the month! Thanks for stopping by!


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