Friday, December 28, 2007



I do hope you all had a lovely holiday. Ours was truly delightful. We hosted the family on Vancouver Island. We could not have asked for a more glorious locale to while away the holiday with walks on the beach and bird-watching. My favorite parts were (in no particular order)

1. playing catch-phrase & scrabble: we ran through all of the "official" catch-phrases on our first night, so we made up our own and drew them out of a hat for the remainder of our trip. Funny stuff! My younger sister has a flare for slipping in goodies like "stinky socks" and "keg stand."

2. the light! We experienced the most amazing storms followed by bright, sunbursts behind the scrim of the clouds. The results were truly breathtaking.
rolling clouds

3. walking through the pacific rim park reserve. Big fat droplets of rain. You know how I love those!

4. reading aloud from David Sedaris' collection of stories Holidays on Ice. I worked extremely hard to deliver the stories in a dry, monotone manner, just like Sedaris. Goodness sakes, he cracks me up.

5. our low-impact gift exchange: we did more with less. The creativity of my family members simply blew me away. I'm committed to the handmade gift trip from here on out.

6. acting crazy with my gorgeous husband. this photo speaks volumes about us: note that the air temperature was about 39 degrees Fahrenheit here.
polar bear club

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