Thursday, November 8, 2007


Kelly of Camp Indigo Soul posted another of her poignant and potent lists of Five Really Good Things, so I thought it was time for me to *publicly* count up some of my own blessings, too.

1. Almost nine months into our life here in Seattle, I'm finally starting to feel like we are *home*. I know that we won't be here forever, but I am a nest-er by nature and like having my local community, family of friends, and routine. This week, between new friends and professional networks, I feel like I'm hitting my Seattle stride.

2. My family and I have never been closer. And this has never meant more to me.

3. My husband is supportive of my life as a creative entrepreneur. I think he has always known that "the law" would never be enough for me on its own, but he really shows me that he is all for the artist-yogini-attorney (AYA, i like it!) trifecta! Shucks, I'm a lucky gal.

4. The HANDMADE CHALLENGE. How awesome is this?! Check it out.

5. Yesterday, at a seminar I had to take before getting sworn in as a multi-state lawyer, I met an amazing, grounded, funny attorney who reminded me why I simply must keep part of myself in that world, too.

Oh, and number six: the LAUNCH!

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