Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Inspiration. Immortalized.

I have always aspired to be an excellent journal-writer or diarist. The new pages of a small sketchbook or scribble pad have always had great power over me. However, I have never managed to keep the type of journals that chronicles my daily life, thoughts, hopes and dreams in a narrative format. For some reason, this has never resonated with me and the result is a box full of books that contain 5 pages of "dear diary" entries followed by 100 pages of poems, lists and drawings.
This year, I decided to embrace my hap-hazard form of journalling, while trying to channel it somewhat. My goal has been to write ten things that are inspiring me *right now* or just ten things that I really like. The results have been really fascinating (not that the things I like or am inspired by are always fascinating necessarily, but the process has been fascinating). Giving myself this assignment has freed me from any former mental blocks to journalling I might have had, though I can still interpret where I was mentally, physically, and emotionally by reading those lists. Plus, going back over lists of inspiration jars my memory of paintings I wanted to create, but was working full-steam ahead on something else at the time. MAGIC!


  1. i hear you! and it's not the same in winter (here), when i sleep in because i can't face the chilly-ness of the wet, rainy air!



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