Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Holiday goodness.

It's almost here!! It's almost Thanksgiving. I am leaving the computer for a few days and send many blessings to you for the day of thanks, dear readers.I'm a true lover of Thanksgiving. This was definitely not a congenital characteristic: for years, I thought it was totally offensive in light of its seeming whitewash of our nation's history. Also, I do not eat turkey. I probably seem quite an unlikely candidate for the "true lovers of Thanksgiving" club, but hear me out:

In the yogic tradition of which I am a part, gratitude is an essential practice. Every day, part of my practice is to fill my heart, mind, every single fiber of my being with gratitude, and to let that gratitude expand beyond my-self, beyond the walls that surround my body, beyond the street, beyond this world. And Thanksgiving is one of those days where so many people allow themselves to similarly be touched by gratitude. That's a truly beautiful and amazing thing, if you ask me.

Oh, and I love the food. I especially love making The Sweet Potato Queens' Larrupin' Good Sweet Potatoes and my grandma GG's corn custard and Gayle Morgan's cranberry ice. I do make a homemade tofurky with wild mushroom gravy, too. Divine!


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