Friday, November 9, 2007

Back to work.

I think I might be settling back into work after the excitement of yesterday. Could you sense my spastic energy over ye olde internette?

I am working on a new piece, still really playing with my fascination with that tunic that Gillian Anderson wore in "The Last King of Scotland." There was something quite captivating about it. This is watercolor on canvas. It measures 8 1/2'' by 11''. To see the sketch that brought me to this piece on canvas, clicky here.

I think the sketch might belong on the wall, too. Maybe in the front hallway, before the big Buddha.


  1. Okay. Hold on. Back up. You saw The King of Scotland and all you could think about was Gillian's tunic?

    Sit down.

    Deep breath.

    Refresher course on Idi Amin: very bad guy.

    Okay, back to fashion...

  2. I know! Trust me: the tunic wasn't the only thing that stayed with me from the film-- it was just what inspired the piece. Seriously--truth is scarier than fiction, isn't it? That movie brought tears to my eyes so many times.


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