Friday, October 5, 2007

The week for me.

I'd love to tell you all that I was the picture of serenity and efficacy this week, but the reality was more like low-energy jitters. The week began with the trappings of a cold. I couldn't run. Couldn't really do yoga. Didn't meditate. During these few days, I tried to make myself feel better with warmth: baths, tea, spicy food. Once I felt better, I was left with the feeling like something was going to happen, but I just couldn't get there. Frenetic jitters coupled with "can't get my tush out of the chair" energy level. Luckily, I found my way to my running shoes , then to the yoga mat and finally my meditation cushion yesterday afternoon. These three things changed the whole week for me. Oh, and I put on some pants. I had been wearing skirts only for the past week or so, and I put on these pants and felt instantly warmer, literally and psychically. Just in time for the week-end.


Much LOVE & Gratitude for reading! I'd love to hear what *you* think. {p.s. I'm now moderating all comments because we have had too many spammers dropping porn-bombs on us. booooo!}