Friday, October 19, 2007

Ten weird things.

The dear and delightful Bethany of Qwingk tagged me! Now, darling readers, I have been charged to write ten weird things about myself.

1. I am obsessed with condiments. So obsessed am I that when I had to turn in some biographical information about myself at the start of law school, I thought that declaring my undying love for *ROOSTER* sauce was absolutely necessary in order for anyone to know anything about me. (That and that my favorite Michael Jackson album is and will always be "Off the Wall.")

2. Since I began working from home about seven months ago, my daytime socializing happens in a flickr group called Wardrobe Remix. Wardrobe Remix is a do-it-yourself street fashion community. A hip gal named Tricia Royal started WR in 2005, and it is over 5,800 members strong today. Even though I rarely *have* to get gussied up for the office or court, I think I work better when wearing something a bit more together than pajamas or yoga clothes, and the remix has inspired me to get a little crazy with my old stand-bys and start up my thrifting habit again.

I'm not even going to describe what I think is weird in this photo. Let's play a game: name as many weird things as you can find in this photo, taken about 10 years ago. Oh, yes, that is ME on the left.

4. I mentioned this last week, but I have almost NO YELLOW in my closet! In contrast, I have over twenty green-hued tops. (No comment on how ridiculous that second tid-bit might be. I mean, who needs twenty tops?!) After meditating on some of my experiences with the manipura chakra (yellow-solar plexus-third chakra), I decided to integrate some more of this POWER color into my life, but just a little bit. For the most part, I think that my anahata-chakra tendencies are pretty okay.

5. My favorite shows on NPR are Morning Edition, All Things Considered, This American Life, Fresh Air and The Splendid Table. Additionally, my favorite public radio stars are Daniel Schorr, Lakshmi Singh, Nina Totenburg, Scott Simon, Kai Ryssdal and Juan Williams. I am a public radio junkie. I'm presently a member of Colorado Public Radio and donated a car in addition to my regular pledge last year.

6. Young coconut water is my second-favorite drink behind regular water. Getting to the coconut water can be a labor of love, but it is SO WORTH IT.

7. I was a girl scout from first grade through high school graduation. At girl scout camp, I learned how to build three different kinds of fires, portage a canoe by myself and execute a two-week bike trip.

8. My first grown-up job after college was teaching Montessori school. Not weird, just little-known.

9. I belonged to a "stitch-n-b**ch" during law school. A couple of my gal pals and I would meet up once a week to chat while we knit. That sounds like a great idea right now. Maybe I'll get back into that.

10. My favorite two yoga poses are viparita karani (legs up the wall) and parsva bakasana (side crane). The perfect combinations of effort and grace.

Now, someone (I know I'm supposed to do 10 people, but I get shy about these things) to tag. How about--


  1. Hey! Didn't that guy with the neck bangs call us rural? That home made turtleneck is looking pretty rural to me now! Ha!

  2. Hey! That was fab!

    I cannot believe you were bald. I mean...BALD! I'm dying over here!

    So, thanks for that! I learned some fun things!

    P.S. I have about 20 green tops, too! I heart the green...

    Hurry up and get that etsy shop up and running!

  3. Funky-B.~ Isn't that fab?

    Bethany~ I still laugh when I look at that photo! Hilarious, I know. Some-day I'll show you the best ones: a bald me wearing a wet-suit! I look like an alien! GO green!

    : )


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