Thursday, October 11, 2007

More yellow-y goodness.

Yellow! Now that I'm on the hunt for all the yellowy goodness I can find, it seems to be popping up in the most unlikely places. And in the craziest shades. I am in love with the cool yellow of Hiroyasu. N's photo, Yellow Space. Cool yellow, like that found in Yellow Space, evokes a feeling of modernity & sleekness, which I love. Something about this shot keeps it from feeling clinical in its modernity, however. Perhaps it's the softness of the black and the warm green in the background. Whatever it is, mama likey.

However, I'm equally enamored by the warmth of this shot by Aquario on flickr. Again, black plays a significant role in the way the eye interprets the yellow. Here, though, the effect is juicy, warmed-by-the-crackling-fire, a little sleepy perhaps.

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