Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dig it.

The Moldy Doily. Oh boy is this a goody. The Moldy Doily is the blog of Kime Buzzelli, a painter-clothing maker, and shop owner extraordinaire. I never know what I am going to find when I read her blog, but dang, I know I like it.

Yokoo. And Yokoo's Etsy Shop. Yokoo is a source of inspiration I found while flickring. She ooozes style. Her photos are geniusly composed. Her scarves are totally chic. She rocks.

Into the Fray. Ambika's Etsy Shop. Ambika is another creative diva I found in the flickr world. She creates beautiful jewelry and handbags. Her blog features lush photos and inspiring tales of her creative endeavors.

We Tribe. The fantastic photos and musings of Kyle Hailey are featured at this site. Most of the photos originate within the electronica music scene. Oh my goodness they are amazing. Check it out, dear readers!


  1. I love going through Yokoo's pictures, amazing stuff.

  2. Beyond flattered. Seriously, thank you.

    And I love your blog. The posts about color are so informative (you think my own interest in them would have translated into a little research) and make me wonder at my own color loves--especially combinations.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my little blog, Ambika and Candid Cool!

    Candid Cool, I totally agree. Yokoo's got major talent!

    Ambika, your blog rocks. You are really an inspiration to me as I get my Etsy shop off the ground. Thanks for checking out the blog!

    Peace. kelly


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