Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oddly beautiful.


This crazy little tiger-lily spider (that's the name i gave it) moved onto our back porch a few weeks ago. He built an elaborate, sturdy web and caught lots of bugs. Then on Tuesday, another spider invaded his turf. I watched a spider fight. It was pretty brutal. This guy won and the interloper scurried away. It was pretty freaky. We don't tolerate that kind of violence in our house, so my husband moved him to the backyard. (emphasis on *moved*. there was no spider-killing involved.)

Spiders are fascinating creatures. They are amazingly beautiful and complex, but I've been bitten by a brown recluse (on my face, no less) and I must admit to a lingering fear of these critters. Either way, they're beautiful on paper, er in digital format. Don't you think?

I altered the lighting in this shot a bit to highlight his stripes, since I took the shot in the evening.

To link to the shot on flickr, click here.

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