Thursday, September 6, 2007

Just for Fun.

Dear readers,

I thought you might enjoy knowing what blogs I read. Before I started reading blogs, I did not understand all of the media coverage about their impact on the transfer of information. Now that I am a complete blog-lover and blogger myself, it's safe to say that I get it...for now. Who knows where the information revolution will take us next. For anyone who's reading this little blog, do you share any of my daily reads? What are your favorite inspirational blogs?

1. Creative Thursday: Marisa's website is fun of all sorts of lovely-ness. She blogs, she pod-casts, she paints every day-- what's not to like?! What I like best about Marisa's blog is her seemingly endless supply of positive energy! It is listening to her pod-casts that I had a little epiphany that the path I'm starting down is the right one for me.

2. Desire to Inspire: Oh this blog is just all kinds of fun. It is authored by two interior designers-- one located in Canada, the other in Australia. It is pure, absolute knock-you-on your rear fabulous-ness. I find that interior design blogs bring all sorts of crazy art-inspiration to my brain.

3. THE COVETED: I mean only the highest praise when I say that the COVETED is an absolute fashion nerd-fest. Oh my goodness, do I love this blog. Jennine, its author, is a graphic designer by trade who started blogging about 6 months ago. Her blog is smart, art-ful and always inspiring. She's totally cool, too.

4. Decor8: Another super-positive color addict, Holly Becker writes about all of the things inspiring her in the interior decor-art-fabric-furniture-entertaining realm. She always manages to find some fantastic colors to blog about that really make my day!

5. Hooker Media: The blog and artwork of Matt Hooker. This dude cracks me up. I originally found his blog via a link from DOOCE- the most famous blogger of all time, but was blown away by the hilarity of his posts as well as his amazing paintings. Amazing. He writes about hair bands, his motorcycle, his art and it's all quite wonderful.

This is just a teensy little peek into my Internet search history, if you will. Let me know what you think.


  1. hehe, instead of pocket protectors, i keep my pens in my hair.

    thanks for the blog love, love!
    ; )

  2. Jennine!
    Thanks for stopping my blog. I'm delighted!


  3. I read those blogs too!
    Lately I also like glam and tonic --

  4. Masami, Thanks for the tip on Glam & Tonic. I love it! Have a swell day!



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