Monday, July 23, 2007

Selfy- self portrait

Typical outfit
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No one asked, but here is a random bit of information about me: if I find an article of clothing and love it, I will wear it constantly for years and years until I just cannot wear it any more. For example, I bought this maui shirt at least six years ago for about $15 and I have worn it at least (I'm saying at least so you can just extrapolate what you want from there) once a week since then.

And that belt! I bought it in 1999 and have worn it dang-near everyday since then.

Those pants and I go through phases. Sometimes I love them and wear them non-stop. Other times I think they look a little boy-ish and I trade them out. This is a prime example of what I can be found in on any given day. Do you feel like you've just wasted the last thirty seconds by reading this post? Me too.

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