Friday, July 27, 2007

Horning's Hideout

Oh my goodness! The time to see the String Cheese Incident at Horning's Hideout has finally arrived. Hoorah hoorah. Goodbye, bar exam! Goodbye, dirty 'hood! We're taking to the country to get our dance-yoga-creative energy on! Horning's Hideout (or Horning's as we local gals call it) is one of my favorite places to see music. The venue is not too big and the camping is divine compared to any other music festival (well, my husby says that High Sierra is better, but I couldn't make it this year). In addition to the lovely, dance-worthy sounds of String Cheese, there are workshops: yoga, fire dancing, I could go on and on. Also, Peak Productions does a beautiful set. Cannot wait.

Here are some views from years past. Of course I made my turquoise mermaid suit myself, silly!

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