Monday, July 16, 2007

Color stories

When I began working with paint, every piece was an expression of color. Color is a source of endless joy (or never ending gloom, if it's a bad batch) both on the canvas and in life. Movies are a constant sources of color inspiration (or color science research, as I like to call it). A few of my absolute favorites include:

Monsoon Wedding, The vibrant oranges, fuchsia, canary and crimsons that color this film stand in such stark contrast to the white wedding many Americans are familiar with. I love it. The vibrant saris, tents and flowers accompany this story beautifully. Magic. And the rain at the end (well, I live in the Pacific Northwest, how could I not love the rain) adds so much texture to the film. This film has inspired both my work and my life since I saw it in 2002. Love.

Ma Vie en Rose (my Life in Pink), a french tale about a young boy born into the wrong body. The story is heartbreakingly real, the colors fantastically romantic.

and, of course, the Royal Tenenbaums. The subtlety of color use in the RTs is a real lesson in restrained eclecticism. Love.

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