Thursday, June 21, 2007

Color science inspiration

Color is a constant source of inspiration for me. When I began painting seriously in 1999, I called myself a scientist of color. My work was primarily about color. Color directed the mood of each piece. Color created the forms on the canvas. Although my work has changed from those first renderings, color still plays the role of navigator through my life. For example, a film may otherwise *stink*, but the use of color could save the whole wreck for me. That being said, I have begun to branch out in painting-- even relying on black paint as a sketching medium. A pen and ink drawing can be quite compelling against a lavender backdrop.

These paint samples from Benjamin Moore have been a source of inspiration for me for nearly five months. The colors themselves invoke calm-awake-creative juices to flow in me. For this reason, I am trying to decide which color to paint my studio. Any suggestions?

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